Police investigate loud bangs heard in West Gladstone

LOUD bangs in West Gladstone at 3am on Thursday that were heard throughout central Gladstone have been put down as fireworks by police.

Gladstone Police had multiple calls about the bangs, with people unsure if they were from fireworks or gunshots.

The reports were of sparks and noise waking people up.

Police said they would check with Queensland Aluminium Limited and the three LNG plants to see if they were responsible for the noise.

But it is believed the noise was from Boles St in West Gladstone.

Residents in New South Wales earlier this week reported hearing a loud explosion, which was put down to a sonic boom from the Perseid meteor shower.

Anyone with any information on the loud bangs can call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000 or Gladstone Police on 49713222.