WET WEATHER: How much rain fell across the Coast

STEADY rain has fallen across the Fraser Coast overnight.

In Maryborough, 19mm of rain fell while Hervey Bay received 20mm.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Peter Markworth said a combination of an upper trough and a surface trough brought the wet weather.

Mr Markworth said it was a typical rainfall event that occurred as a result of a large amount of tropical air coming from the north, bringing overcast and rainy conditions.

"We've experienced this quite a few times already this year," he said.

"It is a bit out of season."

The August average rainfall for Hervey Bay is 53.4mm, while in Maryborough it is 38.5mm.

Mr Markworth said spring looked like it would be wetter than average.

In coming days, sunny conditions are set to return, with dry air moving across the region.

Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to low 20s during the day, with temperatures dropping to single digits overnight.

Warmer weather will kick in towards the weekend, with Thursday expected to reach a high of 27 degrees.


How much fell where you are?

Teddington Weir: 18mm

Ghost Hill: 24mm

Booral Rd: 28mm

Black Swamp Creek: 28mm

Takura: 26mm

Torbanlea: 29mm

Bidwill: 22mm

Tiaro: 18mm

Glenwood: 18mm

Brooweena: 24mm

Howard: 25mm