WATCH: Surfer's incredible encounter with whale and her calf

SURFER Oscar Noble has had the once in a lifetime marine experience people would pay thousands for.

But from the shore the Ilkley teenager's encounter with a whale looked eerily similar to surf legend Mick Fanning's brush with a great white shark.

A whale about 30 metres long swam around Oscar with its calf at Double Island Point on Sunday.

I’M OUTTA HERE: Oscar Noble heads for the beach after a 30-metre whale and her calf come up from underneath him.
I’M OUTTA HERE: Oscar Noble heads for the beach after a 30-metre whale and her calf come up from underneath him. Contributed

His friend Corey Passey took a photo of a fin popping up next to Oscar.

It was in almost the exact position that the great white was next to Fanning's surfboard at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa in July.

Oscar, 16, is still buzzing from his incredible experience.

He went to Double Island Point for a one-night camping surf trip last week.

Catching some of the best waves of the year, including one that "went for 90 seconds", was enough to make the trip a school holiday highlight.

But the next day he came face-to-face with one of the giants of the deep and her baby.

Oscar was surfing about 100 metres off shore while his mate was on the beach filming.

Corey spotted a whale and its calf and yelled at Oscar to watch out.

"I wasn't scared of the whale, I was more scared of a shark," Oscar said.

"I know they follow whales. But then the next thing I saw the calf underneath and I thought 'this is so cool' - until the mum came up.

"I thought 'I've got to get out of here'.

"The calf was about three metres long, but then the mum, she was more than double its size, she was about 30 metres long.

"She hit my surfboard and then it was like she looked me in the eye.

"She bumped my board."

Oscar was the only surfer lucky enough to be that close to the whale and its calf, who did not seem to be in any hurry to go away.

"They went underneath me as I paddled in and then they swam away together," Oscar said.

He said the mother whale was "somewhat protective and curious" as she eye-balled him.

At that point his adrenaline kicked in and he moved to "paddle away as fast as I could".

But while he thought he was paddling away from them, footage captured on his GoPro video showed he was doing it while the mother whale was swimming "right underneath my board".

"The water was super clear, it was all sand and I could see a long way underwater," he said.

Oscar's dad Tom is super jealous of his whale encounter.

"He paid to go on a whale tour for his birthday. He got to go out to a whale and jump in the water, but he never got that close," Oscar said.