We're giving away a Samsung Tab 3 Life with our latest digital subscriptions offer!
We're giving away a Samsung Tab 3 Life with our latest digital subscriptions offer!

What to do if you think your device has a malware virus

ANDROID users across the region may be at risk as a malicious app takes hold of about 10 million Android devices around the world. 

Experts at Check Point Software Technologies launched an intense five-month investigation into the app HummingBad earlier this year which was traced back to a cyber criminal circuit in China. 

From that, Check Point revealed the malware virus could steal personal data and make it look like you have clicked on ads you haven't, generating about $300,000 a month in fraudulent ad revenue. 

Users can become infected if they download an already-infected app. 

The good news is, it's fairly easy to remove, it's just a hassle. 

Here's what to do if you think your device could be infected:

  • Get a cyber security company involved. There are many protective phone apps on the Google Play Store such as Check Point's Zone Alarm and others, including Lookout, Kaspersky, AVG and Avast. These apps should detect whether your phone has HummingBad operating behind the scenes. Follow their advice.
  • Do a factory reset on your device. Android users may be able to recover their system by doing a factory reset. Don't forget to first back up all your photos and documents before you reset because it will wipe everything. You can do a reset by choosing Privacy under the Settings menu. 
  • Prevent future attacks. Experts encourage Android users not to download apps from untrusted sources because they might be infected and could then infect your device. 

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