Fraser Coast Chronicle sports journalist Brendan Bowers.
Fraser Coast Chronicle sports journalist Brendan Bowers. Alistair Brightman

What makes you want to watch sport?

OPINION: What is it about sport that makes people invest their time and interest into playing or watching it?

If you break any sport down it is about a person or a group of people who play games against other that have no real world consequences.

Why is there a connection for you to that sport or team?

You support your team every year and want so badly for them to win the championship, investing hundreds of hours watching them achieve the ultimate goal.

Finally it happens and they win.

Does your life change?

No it doesn't. It makes you happy for a few days and proud to be part of something, but what is it really all about?

I understand it from the sportsperson's view, working hard over a long period to reach the pinnacle of a chosen sport, but what drives fans?

I believe people watch sport for the drama. It is always filled with drama.

Bad referee decisions, villainous players on the opposing side or watching your team overcome adversity make it compulsive viewing.

Is it watching greatness?

Is it witnessing the top 0.01 per cent competing in something they are good at while you sit there and watch in awe?

Is it poetry in motion as a half-back passes the ball to a centre who runs through a giant gap to score, or a full-forward kicking a 50 metre drop punt through the goals?

Is it watching people failing or crashing?

Personally for me, it is the sense of community that it brings.

There are not too many things in life that let you celebrate something with complete strangers and feel an emotional connection with that community.

The key to it is the "us versus them” structure which allows people to be part of the collective.

It creates opportunities to find commonality between people that may have nothing in common and may otherwise be horribly awkward together.

Sport is also a good place for a release to focus on things other than your own life issues.

It allows us to capture a little sliver of feeling like winners.

After all these years of playing and watching sport I don't have an answer.

I believe it is different for everyone and we all can find different explanations for why we enjoy it.

Whatever your reason, enjoy the experience.