IKEA and Sumo Salad were at the top of the list when we asked our readers what they would like to see on the Fraser Coast.

We did a shout out on Facebook asking you what you thought was the one shop we really needed on the Coast.

IKEA, Sumo Salad and Camera House were three of the top choices.

IKEA was a top choice

Other stores included Krispy Kreme, Howards Storage World and Myer.

It is good news for anyone wanting to start a Sumo Salad franchise on the Fraser Coast.

Head of Business Development Andrew Wild said they would love a store in the area.

"We need to have someone looking to own and operate the business," he said.

Franchisee Alison English of Sumo Salad, at Caneland Central in Mackay.
Franchisee Alison English of Sumo Salad, at Caneland Central in Mackay. Lee Constable

When the Chronicle contacted IKEA, there was no indication a store would open on the Coast.

A spokeswoman from Myer said there was currently no plans for the department store with many local customers choosing to visit their closest store at North Lakes or shopping online. A spokeswoman from Howards Storage World said while there were no new stores planned for the immediate future, it wasn't being ruled out.

"We constantly monitor and review opportunities in all suitable locations where we are not currently represented," she said.

Grand Central Shopping Centre Toowoomba
Myer in Toowoomba Bev Lacey

Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Sandra Holebrook said while Stocklands had filled part of the "shopping gap" on the Coast, she would love to see more options.

Ms Holebrook said while some still headed to the Sunshine Coast for shopping, more people were travelling from Bundaberg to get retail therapy on the Fraser Coast.

"It would be great to attract more of the retailers that are on the Sunshine Coast," she said.

When it comes to the bigger retailers like Myer and IKEA, Ms Holebrook said now wasn't the best time.

"Economic times are tough, but it is nice to have a wish list," she said.

From a fashion perspective, Ms Holebrook said it would be great if we could encourage smaller start-up boutiques.

What is on your wish list? Join the discussion and tell us below.