The construction of Hervey Bay's Seafront adventure playground continues.
The construction of Hervey Bay's Seafront adventure playground continues. Valerie Horton

What you think about the new Adventure Park

READERS have mixed opinions on the new Adventure Playground that opened in Hervey Bay this week.

Heather Marie said the park looked awesome and she can't wait to take her kids there.

"My 11 and eight year old will love it and I reckon my six year old will even give it a go," she said.

A concerned reader Cassie Hawes said let's see how many accidents there are from kids falling.

Another worried mum Megan Carmichael said the tube they climb up is dangerous.

"If they fall they can die due to the height and the fact the platforms are to small to catch a child if they fall from the top in the tube," she said.

Jodie Rossely said if it was that dangerous they wouldn't have been allowed to build it to begin with.

All for the new playground, Kate Davidson thinks it's fantastic.

"Finally something a little challenging and not boring," she said.

Karen Carter said she'd have a heart attack if her children went on the play equipment.

Chronicle reader Ann Mac Innes wishes she was a child again so she could have a go.

Worried about children burning their bottoms on the stainless steel, Rob Condi isn't impressed.

Council were contacted but do not want to comment on some of the concerns from the community over playground.

The $900,000 playground features 7.6m climbing towers and stainless steal slides.

Originally planned to be located at the Seafront Oval, the playground was built on an area near the All-Abilities Playground.

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