An artists impression of the Fraser Coast Sports Precinct. AEC Group will prepare the business plan for the project.
An artists impression of the Fraser Coast Sports Precinct. AEC Group will prepare the business plan for the project. Contributed

What your Division 10 candidates think of the Sport Precinct

WE ASKED your Division 10 candidates the following questions about the Sport Precinct, including their current stance on the project and whether they would support or vote against the development if elected.

1. What is your current stance on the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct in Nikenbah?

2. If elected to council, would you show support for the complex or vote against any future motions concerning funding or development of the project?

3. Do you think there are other issues that should be made a priority over the development of the Sport Precinct?

4. Many of the Hervey Bay's sporting clubs have complained of the region's fields being overused and overcrowded, and say the Sport Precinct will be able to solve these issues - do you have an alternative solution in mind for these sporting clubs?

Their responses are below.

DIVISION 10 BY-ELECTION: Who do you think will become the Fraser Coast's new councillor?

This poll ended on 21 July 2018.

Current Results

Les MucKan


Phil Truscott


Lachlan Cosgrove


Brian Reckenberg


Richard Mott


Jeanette Maynes


Zane O'Keefe


Paul Forst


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Richard Mott


Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10.
Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10. Alistair Brightman

1. Basically I support it, because it will continue to bring teams and their families to our town and they will spend money, which is good for everyone.

2. l will give considered support to the Sport Precinct as so much money has been spent and it should be brought to finality to realise its full benefit.

3. No. Not over the Sport Precinct but consideration for other projects will receive proper consideration.

4. This is why I am in support the completion of the complex. It will benefit all current and future residents in many and carried ways. It is a great benefit to the whole community.

Brian Reckenberg


Division 10 candidate Brian Reckenberg.
Division 10 candidate Brian Reckenberg. Contributed

1. I believe the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct will be an asset to the Fraser Coast as it will encourage the youth to be active and involved in the community. Additionally, the precinct will attract major sporting events to the area which will create new job opportunities, allowing current businesses to flourish and invest in the local area.

2. I have always supported the development of the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct and will continue to support its development.

3. There are many issues that are a high priority in our region, the Sport Precinct being one. In 2016 the Fraser Coast had just under 22,000 people who were between primary school age and 24. The precinct will encourage our youth to be more active and give them an opportunity to socialise, something that the youth struggle with nowadays.

4. Long term space for majority of sporting clubs in the region is a concern as they are already at capacity, the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct will give sporting clubs a long term space to grow and thrive.

Lachlan Cosgrove


Candidate Lachlan Cosgrove.
Candidate Lachlan Cosgrove. Contributed

I support planning for growth before it happens, and I believe the Sports Precinct does ensure that sporting codes will have the room they will need to grow into the future. Some are already dealing with capacity issues as we speak.

I have reservations about the project being funded wholly by council, as that was never the plan, and we need to continue to lobby the State & Federal governments to ensure that we can get the funding required to make the sports precinct reach a level which delivers the highest value to the community.

I need to see the business plan before voting on anything, but I am supportive of this project in principle.

Jeanette Maynes

Candidate Jeanette Maynes.
Candidate Jeanette Maynes. Contributed

1. The Sport Precinct would need to be financially viable dependent upon the business plan disclosure and beneficial to the whole of the Fraser Coast. Current figures for Stage 1 appear to be approx $4 million over budget. There is also an additional $200,000 to be spent on fixing the incorrect surface of the netball fields.

2. Until the business plan is available to the community, there is no way of knowing what future motions may be on the horizon. I will vote in accordance with community expectations, financial viability and being fully informed.

3. Rates and the community's capacity to pay. Waste management and roads are deserving of attention and water security is paramount. The role of local government is essentially that of a service provider - its core activity.

More connectivity via footpaths is also required for all ages (eg. bikes, motor scooters, pedestrians.)

4. Ratepayers and taxpayers contribute to the sporting fields, gymnasiums and courts on local school grounds that are not utilised on weekends. These fields are in excellent condition, central and easily accessible to the community and have bike paths.

Zane O'Keefe


Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe.
Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe. Contributed

1. What we need right now is a council that is above politics and looking to the future for our whole community. This includes planning for good sporting and recreational spaces. Previous councils have committed to and constructed the sports precinct. That decision has already been made. What we need now is a council who is committed to making it a success for our community.

2. I want to see us working with state and federal government to improve all sporting facilities, including the new Sport Precinct. This week's Queensland Touch Football State Championships here show how beneficial large competitions are for our local economy.

3. I think we need to be looking at ensuring the growth of Hervey Bay will be adequately met with necessary infrastructure; including roads, footpaths, parks educational facilities and sporting facilities. There isn't one priority over all others - the council needs to be looking after the whole community to ensure it meets the challenges of the future.

4. I think the sporting clubs are best placed to advocate what their needs are. I think the council should work with them to make sure sports participation is as high as possible on the Fraser Coast.

Phil Truscott


Candidate Phil Truscott.
Candidate Phil Truscott. Contributed

1-2. My stance on the Sport Precinct is summed up in the following: sport is a very important part of our community life. We should always look at ways to improve our facilities. Its already started so going backwards would be unwise. I am supportive if the Federal/State Government pays for the majority and not the ratepayer now and into the future.

3. It's a pretty broad question, but yes there are plenty of priorities more important than the Sport Precinct like roads.

4. Having the Sport Precinct is supposed to be the answer. However, transport to and from the complex is an area that would concern parents. I would advocate the bus companies to arrange suitable routes to and from the complex

Paul Forst

Chamber of Commerce breakfast with mayoral candidates - Paul Forst.
Chamber of Commerce breakfast with mayoral candidates - Paul Forst. Alistair Brightman

1. I would have preferred that the council upgrade and update the existing facilities and grounds first, but because the construction is already underway with signed contracts, you cant go back so it must be fully embraced and supported now through to completion.

2. Yes I would be supporting it, and if  we need to have sausage sizzles every weekend to get it finished faster lets get cracking.

3. No, I'm sure there are other issues that are of equal importance which the council will be assessing and getting on with too i would expect.

4. I think its a good thing that the fields are being over used, that is to say much better than being under used, so that in itself tells you that we need more facilities,so lets build, build it quick and do it properly, in the mean time lets start up grading what we already have as well.

Les MucKan

Awaiting answers.