IT'S not every day you meet someone called Zanzibar.

Much less a Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFizz.

Fraser Coast residents who attend the Pier Park Markets in Urangan could soon be meeting Mr McFizz every second Saturday.

Robert Springer is currently in the process of legally changing his name to the Dr Seuss-themed moniker, and I think it's great.

Luckily for Robert, so does his wife.

Robert, or Zanzibar as we should call him, has a laugh about the unusual new name.

He says he thinks life should be taken less seriously, and as he sells his wares at the markets with a wide smile and friendly disposition it is hard to argue with him.

Zanzibar joins a distinguished history of name-changers.

To name a few, Billy The Kid in the US came from William H. Bonney, which was a change from the original name of Henry McCarty.

Infamous Russian schemer and 80s pop-song title Rasputin adopted the name on top of his original name of Gregory Yefimovich Novykh.

Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali.

Whoopi Goldberg's original name was Caryn Johnson, and of course there was the classic example of Norma Jean Mortensen Baker becoming Marilyn Monroe.

People get their names changed for all sorts of reasons.

A mate of mine had quite a serious reason, after spending some time in a Middle-Eastern country and finding himself involved with some rather controversial characters, he had genuine concerns regarding his ability to continue travelling in that part of the world under his original name.

For another mate, it isn't anything so serious.

He calls himself Blurg Thespaceamoebathatatetheplanet, and while he has not got this officially changed, I keep telling him he should.

Whatever the reasons, they certainly make the world a more interesting place, and I wish Mr Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFizz all the best.