Where did $2m drug haul come from?

A STASH of drugs found at Paulo Tao Galovale's house was so huge, lawyers at his sentencing could find no similar cases in Queensland history.

It's a mystery who Galovale was storing ice and ecstasy for, but a judge said the 31-year-old Ipswich man knew what he was doing was wrong.

On Friday, Brisbane Supreme Court heard Galovale had been in custody since January, and made an early guilty plea to possessing dangerous drugs.

Police raided a North Booval house on January 21 after a series of allegedly linked crimes the Crown described as home invasions.

Police at the time claimed the raid was linked to crimes in the Toowoomba suburb of Drayton.

Galovale was arrested before his house was searched, and drugs with a street value of more than $2 million found.

The stash included a 10.8kg ice or methylamphetamine stockpile.

Those drugs had a pure weight of 7.7kg, the court heard.

The Crown said about 800 ecstasy tablets weighing 101.7g were also found.

Justice Glenn Martin said the amount of ice was "so large", lawyers were unable to find a previous sentencing for a comparable quantity.

"It was put on your behalf [that] you held the drugs as a bailee for a short term," the judge added.

Galovale had not disclosed who he was storing drugs for, or for how long.

At this house, there was no evidence of the kind typically found when drug dealers get busted.

"There were no scales found, no tick sheets, no pipes, nothing like that."

Galovale had experienced his own drug use problems.

"You have attempted to deal with your substance abuse problems while in prison," Justice Martin said.

But that was not enough to spare him from a hefty jail term.

Galovale was sentenced to nine years and ten months jail.

He will be eligible for parole on January 22, 2021.

Justice Glenn Martin said Galovale, from New Zealand, was not an Australian citizen and could be deported when his jail term ends.  

Galovale had several supporters in court and some were audibly upset when the possibility of deportation was mentioned.