Brereton with a solid longtail tuna caught in Platypus Bay.
Brereton with a solid longtail tuna caught in Platypus Bay. Andrew Chorley

FISHING: Where to hook a 55cm mangrove jack

BETTER conditions recently have made getting on the bay that bit easier for locals, along with our many visiting anglers.

It's been great to see so many people from all over the state visiting and fishing our region.

It seems we are in an easterly wind pattern now which can be a little unpredictable to forecast at times, so fish the conditions and don't push your vessel too hard.


WITH the dry run of late, the Burrum is clean in the upper reaches, lure fishing has been good on the mangrove jacks with fish to 55cm being reported.

The guys using live baits have also done well, so take a cast net to gather some bait if you are serious about catching a few.

In the lower reaches, whiting have been taken along Black Bank, along with flathead and the odd grunter.

Out the front, mac tuna can be found on the surface, along with the odd spotted mackerel.

The Burrum 8-mile produced a few golden trevally, grass sweetlip and blackall.


THE wide reefs were a little harder to access with the easterly winds blowing a bit harder out wide.

Sweetlip, coral trout and hussar were the main catches, with sharks being a real problem, and they will be for a while yet until things cool down.

Heading south over the Wide Bay bar is a better option with less sharks and good reports of reef fish coming from down there.


Chase with a golden trevally caught with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing.
Chase with a golden trevally caught with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing. Andrew Chorley


A FEW spotted mackerel can be found in Platypus Bay but can be very patchy.

A slow and gentle approach to the schools is key with extra boat traffic they become very spooky and can split up.

Golden trevally, queenfish, longtail tuna and broad bar mackerel can also be found on the bait balls.


ON THE local reefs, sweet lip have been in great numbers, but again sharks have been very bad.

Once a few fish have been landed, moving on is a must to avoid feeding sharks.

Try the shallow reefs for better success and less sharks with dawn and dusk seeing the best bite periods.

Cod, coral trout, blackall and parrot were reported coming from the local inshore reefs.

Big GTs have been about with a few anglers getting some big specimens to 25kg.


OFF the Urangan Pier, golden trevally, Spanish mackerel, and GTs were caught in the second channel on live baits.

In the shallows, gar, whiting and flathead have been reported. Walking the beach is another good option with some good whiting catches being reported off the beach at night.


THE Strait has been a little slow of late with water temps over 28C at times.

Early mornings have seen some good fish being caught around the mouth of the Mary, with threadfin and a few blue salmon being reported.

Grunter and flathead were caught up the Susan River with some good whiting also about.

The turkey straits has had some good reports of whiting, along with queenfish, GT, grunter and flathead.

Taking the crab pots is a great idea - it's been hit and miss but some good crabbing is still on offer if you put the time in.