The Mary River taken from the Brolga Theatre.
The Mary River taken from the Brolga Theatre. Alistair Brightman

Where you stand on dredging the Mary River

READERS shared mixed views on the idea of dredging the Mary River.

Maryborough's State MP Bruce Saunders believes it is time to dredge the river to utilise it.

Dredging involved the removal of sediment and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers and harbours.

Mr Saunders said dredging the river would mean bigger boats could travel up the river to Maryborough and the slipway.

Leon Brooks: "Bruce should put his hand up for the mayor role."

Jack Thomas: "You are right Bruce, so much potential for the Maryborough dock area."

"It is a sad waste presently."

Craig Rowan: "Here's an idea I think would work on the Mary."

"Years ago in Cairns there was a "paddle steamer", propeller driven, diesel powered, the paddles were free spinning dummy paddles, based on a shallow draft barge type hull.

"Mary River cruises with a touch of old world feel would appeal to many I think, fits in well with Maryborough's heritage theme."

John Green Bruce: "We need our dock or wharf fixed."

Nichole Koch: "Pretty sure there could be better things that could be done."

John Green: "He's more benefit on state government."

The last time the river was dredged was in the 1950s.

With a new wharf going in at March St, Mr Saunders said getting the river moving would help get the city moving.

"We don't appreciate the river or use it to its full advantage," he said.