Where's the best place to buy a pie?

WHAT is it about rainy cool weather that makes most people think of hot meat pies?

Maybe it's the warmth of the pie that makes us feel nice and cuddly on a cool day.

Especially when we are working hard when we'd really like to be home in bed cuddling up to a loved one or reading a good book.

The thought of pies got me thinking about the stores that have some darn good pies. On the Fraser Coast I personally like Gail Sauer's Bakery in Maryborough and in Hervey Bay I can't go past Pies and Pastry Paradise.

I even have a friend from Roma that comes to visit a couple of times a year for sport and she always makes sure she tucks into a plain meat pie from Pie and Pastry Paradise.

Meat pies at Pie Face. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
YUM: Nothing beats a good meat pie Chris Ison

Last year my family and I had the privilege of doing a road trip to Perth and back via Ayers Rock and can I say we sampled quite a few pies along the way, so I am confident to say that these two local stores are up there with best in the country.

I'm sure we have other great bakeries out there selling awesome pies so let me know where they are so I can drop in for a tasting.

When asking around the news room colleagues were quick to back my recommendations of the two stores along with Top of the Bay bakery, Howard Bakery, Kawungan Bakery and Alice Street Bakery.

While on the topic of pies. How do you eat yours? As a child I used to rip the top off, grab a teaspoon and scoop out the meat and then fill the pastry case with tomato sauce. Yummy.

Now that I'm a little older I tend to be a little more civilised and just scoff it down anyway I can.

Also what is your favourite type?

For many years now I have stuck to creamy chicken pies but due to inconsistency in recipes across the country I have gone to chunky beef as my new favourite.

How do you enjoy your pie? Join the discussion and tell us below.