Who donated to Loft and O’Connell in the election?

THE two front-running mayoral candidates in March's Local Government Elections have made their donors list public.

Councillor Chris Loft defeated Gerard O'Connell to become mayor of the Fraser Coast after about two weeks of counting votes.

In a list lodged with the Electoral Commission of Queensland, Cr Loft declared receiving $10,500 in donations, including $3700 after the election.

A donation receipt was provided to Tony Pantlin from Hervey Bay for $1500 on March 21, two days after the election was held.

Martin Singer Motors donated $2200 to Cr Loft on May 13, about one month after he was sworn in as mayor.

The Maryborough Military Museum donated $250 and resident Peter Young donated $250.

A donation totalling $300 was received from G Barrie Properties.

The largest donation of $5000 to Cr Loft was provided by Gold Coast businessman Hui Wang.

Mr O'Connell received $29,400 in donations.

His biggest donor was the Maryborough Sugar Factory, which donated $5500.

The Australian Fishing Classic and Bernard Whebell donated $3000 while Maryborough City Autos donated $2000.

He also received several donations of $1000 and $500 from business people in the region.

Mr O'Connell said that was coupled with a "significant amount" coming from his own pocket.

"These were people who believed in my vision and we had a shared vision for the future and the prosperity of the region and were kind enough to give me some investment in my campaign," he said.

"A mayoral campaign is a fairly expensive thing to run."

He estimated his campaign cost about $45,000.

In the final weeks of the campaign Mr O'Connell drew criticism for holding a $500-per head fundraising lunch in Brisbane.

While only $10,500 was donated to Cr Loft, it is not clear what personal finances he spent on the campaign.

Comment has been sought from Cr Loft.