Brothers celebrate winning the Bundaberg Rugby League A-grade grand final title. But are they the best team this decade?
Brothers celebrate winning the Bundaberg Rugby League A-grade grand final title. But are they the best team this decade?

Who was the best team of the decade?

LEAGUE: It's the age old debate, which team is the best for a decade.

Well with the coronavirus pandemic going on it gives the NewsMail the chance to find out.

Over the next few weeks we will run polls to find out, starting with Bundaberg's Rugby League, then AFL Wide Bay and then football, to find out the best team of the decade, from 2010 to 2019.

The Bundaberg Rugby League during the past decade had a lot of diversity with multiple clubs winning premierships.

Brothers, The Waves, Hervey Bay and Western Suburbs all won titles with Eastern Suburbs, the Wallaroos and Isis all at least making the final once.

The Brethren were the kings of the decade, winning six titles including one in each of the odd years of the decade.

But how do we decide the winner?

Well the 10 winners of each premiership will be voted on with polls, two at a time will be voted on in a head to head battle with the team that gets the lowest votes eliminated.

This will happen until one is left.

Unfortunately 10 doesn't split into a quarterfinal, semi and final format, so we've installed a format to get to eight teams and then vote from there in head to head battles.

At random the ten premiership winners have been drawn into a group of six and a group of four.

The six are in round two with the four in round one.

The four will go head to head to create two winners to join the other six.

The eight will then go head to head in quarters, semis and the final to determine the winner.

So who are the teams?

Well here are the six and then the four that will face off first, in no particular order.

The first six:

*2011 - Brothers - the side defeated Hervey Bay 38-12 to win its second straight title at that time.

*2016 - Hervey Bay - the Seagulls ended a 15 year drought with a 20-12 win over The Waves.

*2012 - Brothers - the Brethren won its third straight title with a 32-10 win over Hervey Bay in the decider.

*2018 - The Waves - the Tigers won 23-20 over the Wallaroos to win their first title in 11 years.

*2019 - Brothers - the Brethren defeated The Waves 32-28 to win the title.

*2013 - Wests - The side defeated Brothers 30-12 to go from last to first during that season.

The other four in no order:

* 2014 - Wests - The side went back-to-back with a 42-28 win over Isis.

*2015 - Brothers - The side defeated Hervey Bay 36-24 in the final.

*2010 - Brothers - The side defeated Easts 23-14 to claim the title.

2017 - Brothers - The side defeated Wallaroos 18-16 to win the final.

In the first round, the 2014 Wests will take on the 2010 Brothers side with the 2017 Brothers to take on their teammates the 2015 Brothers.

To vote, head online to the NewsMail and vote in the story for the team you thought was better.

Everyone will have two days to vote in each poll.

This is only being done online and people who only have a subscription can vote.

So make sure you sign up and make your vote count.

The paper will list and remind people as well on who is in the poll.

The first poll will be below.

You can also click on the polls here:

Round 1:

2014 Wests v 2010 Brothers - Winner was Brothers 2010 with 66% of the vote.

2015 Brothers v 2017 Brothers - Winner was Brothers 2017 with 66% of the vote.

Round 2:

2017 Brothers/2015 Brothers v 2010 Brothers 

2018 The Waves v 2011 Brothers 

2012 Brothers v 2019 Brothers 

2016 Hervey Bay v 2013 Wests 


2016 Hervey Bay/2013 Wests v (2017 Brothers/2015 Brothers) / 2010 Brothers

2018 The Waves/2011 Brothers v 2012 Brothers/2019 Brothers


Winners of the semis