Kristi Campbell has recently moved into the region with about 80 rescue animals.
Kristi Campbell has recently moved into the region with about 80 rescue animals. Mike Richards GLA291216PIGS

Who's hogging Billy Bob?

KRISTI Campbell's much loved pet pig Billy Bob might be a "mama's boy" but he's done a runner and after two weeks on the hoof she fears the worst.

Although Ms Campbell thought Billy Bob had "just walked off", she suspects he may have fallen victim to pig hunters or someone who wanted to "put (him) on the table".

"Billy is my favourite out of all my animals...he's like a puppy and he'll even nuzzle the back of your leg like a two-year-old child," she said.

"But we've had no sign of him for two weeks and I've told everyone in the neighbourhood."

Ms Campbell had no doubts Billy Bob could survive alone out in the bush but she just wanted her favourite little piggy to come home.

Billy Bob hasn't had the easiest life either and for the last year-and-a-half he has been under the care of Ms Campbell, who took him in from the RSCPA after he was abandoned.

Ms Campbell runs K and B Pig and Livestock Rescue and Rehabilitation Sanctuary at West Stowe.

She moved from the Gold Coast to West Stowe late last month to open the pet sanctuary.

"It's a menagerie out here for sure...I've got 83 animals (including) six pigs, 22 goats, five sheep, a pony and took me two freight companies to get them all up here," Ms Campbell said.

"I moved out here for the cheap space but I never knew this was a pigging area.

"It's pretty scary to know there is a pigging culture here.

"I do realise people are piggers and I can appreciate that...I just want to know that Billy is all right."

Two pigs of Ms Campbell's, including Billy Bob, have gone missing but the other one was found in a neighbour's cage.

"I think he's gone up Calliope River Rd and we're only the second house up and I just think he would come back," she said.

"There's always food's a house that no one would run away from.

"I feel someone has him."

If you have seen Billy Bob please phone Ms Campbell on 0400 651 121.