A 21 year old stole a Kinder Surprise during a drug-induced frenzy at a Farleigh service station.
A 21 year old stole a Kinder Surprise during a drug-induced frenzy at a Farleigh service station.

Why a Kinder Surprise cost this man $200

A YOUNG man assaulted two strangers and stole a $3.20 chocolate during a drug-induced frenzy at a Farleigh service station.

"It's the most expensive Kinder Surprise he'll ever have," Magistrate Damien Dwyer said, fining Paul Leslie Swinbourne $200 for the theft.

Police were called to the Puma service station about 1am where Swinbourne was accosting customers and stealing chocolate on June 28 this year.

The 21 year old university student has learned a hard lesson in the dangers of drugs after accepting a psychedelic from a friend last month.

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Prosecutor Sergeant Marcus Hahn said a woman had been trying to buy an item when he "came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist with one hand and asked her if she had a durry".

She ran back to her car and locked the doors.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard while inside the shop Swinbourne grabbed a Kinder Surprise, ate half and left the rest on the counter without paying for it.

Then, out at the bowsers, he began running around the car the woman had locked herself in, banging on the windows and trying to open the door.

Sgt Hahn said he was yelling random women's names and saying "give me a ciggie you sh*t c***" before also calling another person a "dog c***".

While a 17-year-old lad was fuelling his car, Swinbourne charged towards him knocking the teen to the ground before hitting the side of his head.

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He also obstructed police.

Swinbourne pleaded guilty to aggravated common assault, obstruction, being a public nuisance and petty theft.

Defence solicitor Antoinette Morton, of Fisher Dore Lawyers, said her client was "extremely shocked" by his behaviour.

"He was at a friend's house, he was offered a psychedelic, he accepted he took it," she said.

"And this is the repercussions in relation to it.

"He has extremely limited recollections of the night in question."

The court heard he has no criminal history and was on a mental health plan.

"You know what the most embarrassing part is … you've got everything ahead of you, you've got the world ahead of you and you stuff it up by listening to your mug mates," Mr Dwyer said.

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"Anybody who's going to offer you drugs like this are not your mates, they're idiots. And quite frankly you're an idiot for going along with it."

Mr Dwyer accepted it was a one-off.

"It's the dearest … chocolate you'll ever have in your life," he said.

Swinbourne must also repay the $3.20 and complete 100 hours of community service in 12 months. Convictions were not recorded.