Masahiro Nakata and William Debois at Photopia Studio Crow St Creative.
Masahiro Nakata and William Debois at Photopia Studio Crow St Creative. Mike Richards GLA

Why an Osaka photographer travelled all the way to Gladstone

IT'S A LONG way from Osaka Japan to Gladstone, but when Masahiro Nakata heard his photographs were being displayed in an exhibit at Crow Street's Photopia Studios, he immediately booked a ticket for down-under.

"I've never been to Australia before and Gladstone is more than I expected," he said.

"Since I came here I've been watching beautiful things like the ocean and nature.

"Even the weather is comfortable for me."

A full time designer and creator of jewellry, Mr Nakata only took up photography 12 years ago.

"Photography is a second expression," he said.

"I was trying to transfer through trial and error the two dimensional images in photos into 3D jewellery.

"Now I'm more into photography, my jewellery is inspired by architecture."

It is no coincidence that Mr Nakata's favourite photograph in his exhibit was of cloth cladding around an office block.

"It looks like it has sails covering it," he said.

Mr Nakata captured images from around Osaka on his smart phone.

"I'm always carrying my mobile phone," Mr Nakata said.

"The advantage of a phone is you don't have to hesitate to take photos in a public place, nobody cares.

"It's easy to take out and get photos quickly."

Gallery owner William Debois said he didn't expect Mr Nakata to visit.

"A few months ago, after I asked him if I could use his images, he told me he wanted to come to Gladstone to see them in the exhibition," he said.

"It was a few months away and I thought he would change his mind, but he arrived on Thursday and I have been showing him around Gladstone."

Mr Nakata's is one of six artists on display at the studio.

"It's a way of showing the images I fallen in love with," Mr Debois said.

"So I've made them accessible for people who wouldn't know where to find them."

The MIXTAPE Exhibition is on display at Photopia Studio, Crow Street Creative precinct until October 12.