Llew O'Brien
Llew O'Brien

Why Coalition's Canberra mess might just be best for Coast

IN BITTER break-ups it is nearly always the children who suffer most.

When things are bad in the party room even the best politicians need to watch the same doesn't happen to the people who voted for them. 

Llew O'Brien lived up to his reputation as a rebel MP at the weekend - exiting the National Party Room in spectacular fashion before delivering a divorce speech so positive it was only missing "conscious uncoupling". 

In all seriousness, the fallout from one of the most tumultuous weeks in the Coalition's recent history, if managed well, can be extremely beneficial for our region.  T

To the north we now have an MP sitting on ScoMo's new front bench and to the south, the ex-cop who spoke out against corruption, played a pivotal role in bringing about a banking inquiry, among other things, showing he can also stand by his convictions, go into battle with his own party and come out of it with a promotion.

 The united front displayed by the now more powerful members for Hinkler and Wide Bay (see page 4) is good to see but it's clear deep divides remain in Canberra.

 We get it - Barnaby's bitter about how things went down and there's anger over various leadership decisions but the people are fatigued by spills and blame games. 

Everyone loves a renegade but spend too much more time hanging with the kids in the naughty corner and you risk being distracted from the work that needs to be done on the ground. 

If our LNP MPs can resist that path and use their increasing influence to bargain for what's best for the Fraser Coast, we might emerge from this having not only avoided being collateral damage but also in the best position we've been in for more than a decade.