Victorian visitors Marie and Darren Tracey.
Victorian visitors Marie and Darren Tracey.

Why RV visitors think Maryborough has wow factor

VICTORIANS Marie and Darren Tracey had never heard of Maryborough until they spotted a free 48-hour camp site in the reference book that has been guiding them around Queensland.

“It was just off the highway so we pulled in and what we found was amazing,” said Mr Tracey as the couple relaxed in the Alan and June Brown carpark with their labradoodles, Louie and Sid. “We expected a small town that we would just pass through but we have been very impressed.

“We had good vibes as soon as we pulled up. Some places you go to you just go ‘Wow’ and this is one. There’s so much history and great stories here and this 48-hour stop in the middle of town is terrific.”

Both “loved” the Gallipoli to Armistice trail and Queen’s Park. For him the military museum was one of the highlights; for her the “amazing” Story Bank and heritage architecture were near the top of the list.

After two days of exploring the couple felt they had hardly scratched the surface.

They left in their self-contained van vowing to return to Maryborough for a longer visit.

When will depend on what direction their life takes: both were made redundant earlier in the year and decided to set out early on a planned trip around Australia with the idea of returning to Melbourne to work. Now they are unsure of what is in store.

“We had to wait a while before we could leave Victoria because of covid,” said Mr Tracey. “Now we are going back to Melbourne to rent out our house and we are thinking we might just keep going on the road, perhaps picking up a bit of work here or there. There’s a lot to see out there.”

Increasing numbers of RV travellers have been visiting the Fraser Coast as Covid-19 travel restrictions encourage more Australians to explore their own country.