Why ‘Uber Bob’ cocaine case has been pushed back

A TERMINALLY ill pensioner accused of selling about $7200 of cocaine a week had his case delayed because one of the police officers involved is in self-isolation.

Robert Alexander John Pearson, who is nicknamed "Uber Bob", is facing multiple charges including trafficking dangerous drugs and supplying dangerous drugs.

Pearson was scheduled to appear in Southport Magistrates Court later this month but prosecutor Caitlin Usher yesterday asked for the case to be delayed.

"We are asking for an extension to provide the brief of evidence because the officer involved was exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and had to self-isolate," she said.

Ms Usher said the officer estimated he would need another month to compile the brief of evidence.

Pearson's defence lawyer, Demi Quadrio, of Gatenby Lawyers, asked for Pearson's bail conditions to be changed so he could have contact with co-accused Leeanne Karin Pearson and Justin Kenneth Hortz.

Magistrate Mark Howden granted police the extension and adjourned the matter to May 26. He also granted the changes to bail.

Originally published as Why 'Uber Bob' cocaine case has been pushed back