A Facebook post by Central Lounge Bar and Dining owner Remi Broadway
A Facebook post by Central Lounge Bar and Dining owner Remi Broadway

Bar owner says girl is ‘too ugly to be spiked’

A SURFERS Paradise bar owner has come under fire after he publicly mocked a patron who claimed she was spiked by his bartender.

Remi Broadway, owner of Central Lounge Bar and Dining in Surfers Paradise, ridiculed his customer's complaint by inferring she was not attractive to be spiked.

The aspiring actor took to social media website Facebook last night to describe the situation.

"When a girl accuses one of my bartenders of spiking her drink," he wrote.

"Sweetheart, have you seen how hot the girls are that visit Central? Why would he waste some good drugs on you?"


The post has come under fire on multiple levels.

"Lovely to see that the owner of Central Lounge Bar and Dining thinks it's OK to insinuate date rape drugging attractive women at his establishment," protester Alicia Jarman wrote.

"When the owner is this comfortable with publicly bragging about drugging/sexual assault, that is a huge red flag."

Another user noted on how poorly a potential drugging incident was handled by the manager.

"Aside from the fact that this bar owner has just joked about drugging attractive patrons, he has also completely undermined someone who has come forward suspecting she has been drugged," the user wrote.

"What if she actually had been and the owner of the establishment laughed in her face?

"What hope does that give her if she's ever in trouble again?"

While the post has been deleted from Mr Broadway's Facebook page, a screen shot is making its way around the internet, being shared hundreds of times already.

The Gold Coast Bulletin has reached out to Mr Broadway for comment.