A coloured sofa can brighten up your living space.
A coloured sofa can brighten up your living space. iStock

Why you should hold on to your lounge room seat

If there is one piece of furniture you should consider investing in as much as your budget will allow, it should be your sofa. A high-quality sofa should serve and delight you for many years after it is purchased. So regardless of current trends, be sure to choose your sofa with the long term in mind.

However, if there is one overarching trend for sofas, it is that the most covetable sofas currently are those that combine luxury and sustainability. And whether you choose a "designer” sofa or not, it's always going to come down to the overall quality of your chosen sofa.

There is one other noticeable trend when it comes to this essential piece of furniture and that is sofas today are increasingly getting larger. Where once a two-seat sofa was considered the norm, now it's three-seat sofas, or four seats and counting.

These larger sofas have an obvious advantage when it comes to comfort but you need to incorporate the scale of any chosen sofa to the size of your living space. Be sure to include the measurements of the depth, as well as the width and height, of any sofa you may be considering.

When it comes to the choice of fabric, velvet still reigns supreme. Velvet as the go-to choice of fabric for a range of furniture and soft furnishings has been around for a few years but it's a trend that's not going anywhere. Velvet also has the advantage of feeling just as plush as it looks.

When it comes to colour choices, one of the more noticeable trends is going for a pop of colour. Whether it's pink, terracotta, yellow or jungle green, a coloured sofa can brighten up any living space.