The Wide Bay Buccaneers

Wide Bay's Queensland Premier League identity unveiled

FOOTBALL Queensland Wide Bay's identity for the inaugural Queensland Premier League has been unveiled.

Details of Wide Bay's new QPL team were revealed at a meeting at a Football Wide Bay meeting at the Carriers Arms Hotel, Maryborough, on Tuesday night.

Years of behind-the-scenes work has culminated with the governing body to now formally be known as Football Queensland Wide Bay.

Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg will form local area centres under FQWB, while Football Gympie will retain its competition management status until 2020.

But much of the crowd's interest was fixed firmly on the new QPL entity.

While details are yet to be finalised, FQWB president Stuart Taylor said there had been a positive response to the Wide Bay Buccaneers.

The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team.
The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team. Contributed

Taylor, along with a number of hard-working volunteers, have worked tirelessly to create and decide upon an identity that would not only be representative of the region, but boast significant commercial potential off the field.

Most importantly, it was about creating a community-led club the Wide Bay would embrace.

FQWB only ended up with the license at the last moment.

Bundaberg club Across The Waves formally declined the QPL licence the day before the competition's launch.

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ATW was the only Football Wide Bay-affiliated club to publicly declare its interest in a QPL licence. Football Wide Bay and its clubs publicly supported the bid earlier this year.

Football Queensland then offered the licence to the zone.

Since then it has meant a mountain of work for FQWB and its steering groups, and while details are not final it has painted a much clearer picture of Wide Bay's QPL presence.