A dead brumby on the side of the road at Poona.
A dead brumby on the side of the road at Poona.

Wild horse warning on Coast road

DRIVERS have been warned to slow down along Maryborough-Cooloola Rd after a brumby was struck and killed near Poona recently.

Natalie Richardson from Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast said it was important that drivers be mindful of signs indicating the wild horses were in the area.

"The signage is pretty accurate for the areas where brumbies can be found," she said.

The wild horses are regularly seen on the side of the road near the Tuan Forestry.

"It's not uncommon for them to cross the road," Ms Richardson said.

Last year, Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast was inundated with calls about an injured brumby along Boonooroo Rd.

"People thought it was a domestic horse, but it was a brumby."

The horses were also regularly seen near Howard Heights, she said.

Ms Richardson said people could call her organisation about the brumbies, but if there was a crash involving a brumby, motorists should call the police.

She said often the horse would need to be put down as a result of injuries from road crashes.

HQ Plantations targeted horses that were in risky locations near roads, making them a hazard for road users, for removal.

The horses were then domesticated and rehomed.

In 2015, it was estimated about 1300 horses lived in the forestry.