WILD WEATHER: Storms set to hit Fraser Coast

A YEAR after wild winds and hail caused extensive damage in Yengarie, potentially damaging storms have been predicted for the Fraser Coast.

Over the next two days, the region is expected to receive more rainfall than it has in months.

Forecaster Jess Gardner said between 25mm and 40mm was expected to fall across the region today and tomorrow.

"An upper trough will be moving into southern Queensland tomorrow, she said.

"That is combining with a lot of moisture east of Queensland."

Ms Gardner said there was a strong chance of thunderstorms, but they were likely to be fairly isolated.

"Any that do pop up do have a chance of being severe with a chance of hail and damaging winds."

She said storms were more likely to hit the region on Saturday.

"The forecast for Hervey Bay is a few millimetres, but overnight into Saturday there will be much more activity, more showers and patchy rain that could add up to between 25 to 40mm.

"The nature of the showers means there will be higher totals in some places and it will be quite variable, but we are hoping to majority of people get something."

Rain totals in Maryborough were likely to be quite similar.

Last month, both cities fell well short of their average rainfalls.

In Maryborough, just 0.6mm was recorded, well below the average of 41.9mm.

In Hervey Bay, 0.8mm of rain was recorded last month, well short of the average rainfall of 34.7mm.