Bob Neilsen breaks down logs down at the Brooweena sawmill.
Bob Neilsen breaks down logs down at the Brooweena sawmill. Valerie Horton

Will Brooweena become the region’s ghost town?

EDITORIAL: The town of Brooweena grew up around its sawmill, established nearly 90 years ago. Now it looks as though it may die with it.

A workplace health and safety decision will close the mill and could well doom the town.

The mill's manager, Roger Fallon, says shutting down the saws will make Brooweena a ghost town.

The mood of the mill's 15 workers on Tuesday was mostly buoyant - "One door closes and another one opens so long as you're willing to get off your backside ... life goes on ... you win some and you lose some".

But it is hard to shake the sense of sadness as a worker says goodbye to the industry that has supported his family for three generations.

Perhaps another industry could make use of these workers' skills - or perhaps there is another opportunity here: to expand Brooweena's splendid historical museum on the site, complete with colourful historical commentary from one or more of the magnificently bearded denizens of the old sawmill.

Eating ourselves sick

DOCTORS in our region are getting weighed down with the number of patients with obesity-related problems.

Diabetes Queensland is calling for social change of the scale we saw with the banning of smoking in pubs.

It is clearly an admirable goal.

It is less clear how this would actually be done.