TV show Art Studio host Wayne Clements sets up his mobile studio for shoppers at Maryborough's Station Square.
TV show Art Studio host Wayne Clements sets up his mobile studio for shoppers at Maryborough's Station Square. Boni Holmes

Artist painting canvases at Station Square in M'boro

TRAVELLING Australian artist Wayne Clements will be giving away one of his paintings on Saturday.

Wayne and artist friend Debra Lohre set up the mobile art studio in Maryborough's Station Square Shopping Centre at the beginning of the week and he will have painted about 42 3m canvases, with all but one going to auction.

Shoppers who purchase a $2 raffle will have the chance to win one of Wayne Clements oil paintings with all funds raised going to RACQ CareFlight Rescue.

The oil painter said he had been painting for 25 years and had travelled around most of Australia with his mobile art studio.

"This is the way to meet people, I've always enjoyed support from Maryborough and have been coming here on-and-off for 20 years," he said.

"We have had a lot of people and local artists come down just to watch me paint and pick up tips."

Wayne said he had visited Maryborough galleries including Wide Bay Gallery.

"I saw some work by pastellist Bette Phillips. I have never seen anything like it, her paintings are spectacular, the best I have ever seen," he said.

"We have had artists here who have a few paintings in the gallery."

Wayne has been the host of TV Show, Art Studio, for five years and said he had a big following in the capital cities.

"On the show I paint one painting in 24 minutes - talking listeners through what I'm doing - it's mainly for people who are learning art."

Wayne said he used water soluble oil from Martin/F.Weber, one of the biggest paint manufactures in the world.

"I use water soluble oils. They are absolutely beautiful.

"I have used all the brands and this is the best brand - its water soluble and water clean up, and the paint retains its lustre."

He said he like to paint a bit of everything.

"I like variety - I don't just like one thing - I've always prided myself on painting seascapes, landscapes, portraits, animals - have a go at anything."

There will be a variety of themes on auction with each worth around $2000 each.

"The paintings are sold unframed but we offer a framing service, with matching frames on site," Wayne said.

"Most of these will start at around 150 to 200 dollars which is about a tenth of their value, and why they are normally gone in about 30 or 40 minutes.

"We have received a lot of good feedback so we are expected a big crowd."

What's on

  • Wayne Clements will hold an auction and raffle of his oil paintings on Saturday, February 28, from noon at Station Square Shopping Centre, Lennox St, Maryborough.
  • To win a painting of your choice, raffle tickets are sold for $2 each, on-site until noon on Saturday.
  • For more information about Wayne Clements Oil Painting, visit