William hooked this ripper snapper in Platypus Bay using soft plastics.
William hooked this ripper snapper in Platypus Bay using soft plastics. ANDREW CHORLEY

Windy weekend ahead will send fishers to the creeks

WE HAVE enjoyed some great weather again in the past week but it looks like a breezy start to the weekend, so hitting the creeks and inshore waters will be necessary to escape the winds.

Bigger tides this week should bring on a few snapper before we see water temps rise moving into spring.


The Burrum has seen some clear conditions in the upper reaches which has made fishing a little tricky in the more popular spots, dropping leader size to allow for the cleaner conditions has seen results.

Grunter, flathead, trevally and whiting have been reported with fresh baits working best.

Out the front, school mackerel can be found around the beacons and on the 8-Mile with a few queenfish and golden trevally in the mix.

Urangan Pier

Off the Urangan Pier spanish mackerel, longtail tuna, flathead and school mackerel have been reported.

Fishing live baits under balloons has been effective on the longtail tuna.

On the flathead fishing live pike around the pylons has been successful.

Local reefs

As water temps rise sweetlip will begin to be a great target, the channel hole, Boag's hole, the Arty and Samies are great locations to start looking for grass sweetlip.

Blue parrot will also start getting active; fishing these areas with live crabs and a heavy hand-line would be a great idea in the coming months if you would like to land a blue parrot.

Other catches from the local reefs have been snapper, cod, blackall and golden trevally.

Sandy Strait

In the strait, grunter have been in excellent numbers, fishing soft plastics in the holes of the creeks has seen great results.

Other species about have bee flathead, tailor, jew, whiting and bream.

Platypus Bay

In Platypus Bay golden trevally, snapper, cobia, blackall and scarlets have been reported.

If you are after a feed of scarlets try using live pike to entice the bigger specimens.

Wide Grounds

The wide grounds have been a little quiet with the main catches being snapper, trevally, cod, scarlets and a few spanish mackerel.

If weather allows the 25 fathom should hold a few snapper as we move to the new moon on Sunday.