WINNING FEELING: Masters share love of croquet

SUPPORT for the first sporting event of the Maryborough Masters Games was overwhelming according to Point Lookout Croquet Club members.

Teams from Toowoomba to Bundaberg attended the annual competition held last month, participating at state and national levels.

Gold, silver and bronze medallions were received over the two weekend competition by six Point Lookout members.

Rob Robertson who took home a bronze in the opens and a gold with his wife Kaye in the double ricochet said taking up this sport was the best decision.

The athletic couple joined four and a half years ago after retiring.

They saw a come and try day advertised in the Maryborough Herald.

"It was something that we both just took to straight away," Kaye said.

Gloria Endres who has always played a sport, started croquet 17 years ago, joining the PLCC in 2016.

She said she was surprised to get a placing at the Masters.

"I entered because I love playing - and to come away with two silvers well that's not too bad - pretty damn good," Gloria said.

"I look at it while you are able, get out and do it."

Gloria also fell in love with the sport after attending a come and try day.

"Its not just hitting a ball through a hoop - it is working out how to do it and to stop the other player.

"There is so much strategy to it - it is just great."

Rob said there are three sports tied up in croquet - one is chess, that's the planning ahead; two is billiards and snooker, getting the angle; and three is golf, keep your head down when you hit the ball.

"It is unfortunate that it got the reputation for being an old people's game - if you have a look at some of the history in Australia we have three brothers in Victoria, aged 19 to 25, went to the world cup and cleaned up."

He said it was perfect for those interested in a non-contact sport.

Pauline Warren, who paired with Gloria at the Masters for her second competition, has been playing for six years.

As a young child she watched some family members play croquet and said it always fascinated her.

She said she gets in a least one game a week socially were she improves on her skills so when it comes to competition time she puts on the field what she has learnt.

The camaraderie and playing constructively and playing to win rather than the social side of it attracted Pauline to return to the annual competition.


Come and try the mallet sport of croquet at 23 North St Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Wednesday morning. Beginners lessons, equipment available. All welcome. Phone Wayne 4121 4577 or Robbie 0403 335 381.