Witnesses at Pistorius trial heard a woman's pleas for help

OSCAR Pistorius' neighbours have backed Michelle Burger's testimony about hearing a woman's pleas for help during the athlete's murder trial today.

The double-amputee Paralympian's murder trial continued today in South Africa as his defense attorney tried to discredit witness Michelle Burger's emotional testimony, after the neighbour said she awoke to hear four gun shots and pleas for help.

Pistorius is accused of shooting his girlfriend Reeva through the bathroom door at his Pretoria home on the night of February 14, but the London 2012 gold medallist insists he mistook her for an intruder.

According to CNN, defense attorney Barry Roux attacked her credibility, pointing out the exact similarities between her and her husband's statement.

Breaking down into tears, Michelle said: "It was awful to hear her screams", insisting their statements were similar because they had heard the same thing.

Her husband, Carl Peter Johnson, was then called to the stand and backed up her comments.

He recalled: "When I heard the lady scream again I jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony which is on the first floor ... I could hear she was in trouble, it was clearly distress calls."

Another visibly-nervous witness, neighbour Estelle Van Der Merwe, recalled hearing "loud voices" and a sound like "bang, bang".

June Steenkamp, the model and reality star's mother, was in the courtroom for Monday's (03.03.14) testimony, which was the first time she had seen the athlete in person.

It is expected to take at least three weeks for Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa to hear the case. Pistorius could face life imprisonment if he is found guilty of killing Reeva in cold blood.