ISOLATED: Denise Bremner with her children Andrew and Samantha at Burtons Bridge, the only access to their Borallon home.
ISOLATED: Denise Bremner with her children Andrew and Samantha at Burtons Bridge, the only access to their Borallon home. Sarah Harvey

Families cut off for 17 days by Wivenhoe

WATER releases may be an inconvenience for Colleges Crossing motorists, but for Borallon residents dependent on Burtons Bridge it can mean weeks of isolation.

Burtons Bridge is the only access road to the homes of 30 families on E Summerville Rd.

With the bridge cut, supplies were brought to residents by boat or helicopter as they waited for water releases to stop.

One resident, Denise Bremner, said motorists should be thankful they had Allawah Rd as a back-up and think of the isolated residents before complaining about the road.

She and her family were forced to move out to her sister's on Australia Day and were able to return only when waters fell below the bridge.

Since then they have been away from their home for 17 days.

Every time Mrs Bremner hears rain is predicted, she begins planning their escape.

"When they predict there is going to be rainfall over the weekend I pack the bags," she said.

"The bridge is only 13 years old. When council built it we told them to do it higher, but they didn't. All we want is an alternative road."

Releases from Wivenhoe Dam stopped yesterday afternoon as the dam level dropped to 88%.

It was expected Burtons Bridge would be clear of water as the releases stopped and Colleges Crossing would reopen this morning.



Somerset Regional Council chief executive Robert Bain said council sympathised with residents, but there were no plans for another access road.

"However, flood studies and a review of dam operations as a result of the Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry will investigate available options to reduce access issues during dam releases," he said.

"Council provides relief supplies and services to residents and we pre-warn residents about impending closures due to Seqwater dam releases."

Mr Bain said residents were encouraged to subscribe with Seqwater to receive dam releases information and to register for alerts through Council's Early Warning Network.

Last night council engineers inspected Burtons Bridge and council crews completed repair work.

It was expected the bridge could be reopened last night.

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