A woman has received jail time after crashing her car with multiple drugs in her system.
A woman has received jail time after crashing her car with multiple drugs in her system. contributed

Woman crashes drug driving with child in car, fakes seizure

A WOMAN has received jail time after crashing her car with multiple drugs in her system.

Tasha Liesegang pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court today to six offences including driving under the influence of a drug and driving with drugs in her system.

She appeared by videolink from jail.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court that on January 17 police were called to a single-vehicle crash on Boundary St at 12.30pm.

Liesegang drove through an intersection at speed and failed to give way.

Sen Const Bland told the court Liesegang failed to do a right turn and mounted the gutter before crashing into a fence while her son was in the car with her.

Paramedics told police Liesegang was affected by drugs and there were fresh track marks down her arm.

She also faked a seizure at the scene, before she became verbally aggressive towards a paramedic.

Sen Const Bland said Liesegang was slurring her words and appeared incoherent in conversation.

A sample of blood showed Liesegang had multiple drugs in her system including meth.

A report from a senior forensic physician stated Liesegang's ability to control the vehicle was impaired from the drugs.

When Liesegang was questioned about the crash she told police she had no memory of the incident.

On February 2, police were called to the carpark at the Stockland Shopping Centre after reports of a woman slumped at the steering wheel of a car.

When police arrived they activated their lights and Liesegang and her passenger looked through the back window before she tried to reverse.

Police searched the car where multiple tablets were found as well as used clipseal bags and 0.04g of meth.

Liesegang told police she was had epilepsy and was going to have a fit, paramedics were then called.

Paramedics assessed Liesegang and looked at the tablets in her car, where it was revealed none of them were prescribed for epilepsy and Liesegang had no signs of the disorder.

Sen Const Bland said Liesegang was on parole at the time of the offences.

Liesegang's barrister Craig Ryan told the court she had no history until she met the man she committed the prior offences with.

Mr Ryan said his client had stopped taking drugs, but started taking them again when she was told she wouldn't get her children back while on parole.

He said Liesegang had now been drug free for five months and that she accepted the situation she had put herself in.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Liesegang's plea of guilty and the fact she was on parole at the time the offences happened.

He also took into account the drugs in her system were at such a level that it impaired her ability to drive.

"You lived a law abiding life … you were in a relationship with someone who lead you down a dark path," he said.

"The consequences of your conduct could have been catastrophic."

Liesegang was sentenced to three months imprisonment with an immediate parole review.

She was also disqualified from holding a licence for 11 months.

Convictions were recorded.