Woman left screaming in fear during ‘terrifying’ assault

A man who is charged with assaulting a young woman at a Caloundra beach suburb on Tuesday night, in an attack described as "terrifying for a woman'', has been refused bail.

Lachlan Archer Hampson is alleged to have suddenly grabbed the woman, wrapping his arms around her stomach, as she screamed for help, in a Kings Beach street, just after 7pm.

Police allege the Sunshine Coast woman, 21, had been riding and pushing her bicycle along a road when Hampson, 27, ran up and began asking her name and where she lived.

Prosecutor Bimal Raut said the woman told the man he was making her feel extremely uncomfortable and said she was going one way and he should turn around and go the other way.

He told Brisbane Magistrates Court the man then blocked her path, causing her bicycle to hit his leg.


A woman was grabbed by a man and held against her will at a Caloundra beach suburb.
A woman was grabbed by a man and held against her will at a Caloundra beach suburb.


When the woman got off her bike the man grabbed her and would not let go, Mr Raut said.

"She started screaming out of fear,'' Mr Raut said.

He said the woman told police the man put his hands over her hands, so that she could not move her arms, and then began squeezing her stomach.

Mr Raut said the woman began screaming and telling the man: "I don't know you. Get off me, go away, leave me alone''

She then repeatedly called "help'', as the man told her it was "okay', the court was told.

Mr Raut said the woman believed the man had been trying to get her away from a busy street into an area where they could not be seen.

He said the woman said it felt like the man was holding her for at least a minute before she managed to wriggle free from his grip.

Mr Raut said the woman said she ran and tried to pick up her bike, but the man ran after her and grabbed her again in the same hold.

She told police as she screamed the man told her: "Calm down, calm down. We'll just go back to yours and get your number''.

The woman said she then pushed him off her and rode off.

Mr Raut opposed bail, saying the alleged assault was prolonged and violent.

Hampson is charged with common assault, deprivation of liberty, a separate trespass offence, relating to him allegedly entering a Kings Beach unit complex, and three bail breach offences.

Lawyer Michael McMillan said Hampson suffered from schizophrenia and he could sometimes misinterpret what was occurring around him and engage in "close cuddling''.

"It was a terrifying incident for a woman,'' Acting Magistrate Paul Byrne said.

Mr Byrne said Hampson had previously been given bail with conditions that he had comprehensively ignored.

He refused bail, saying there was an unacceptable risk Hampson would commit further offences or endanger the safety and welfare of the public.


Originally published as Woman left screaming in fear during 'terrifying' assault