Woman released on parole after partner suffers stab wound

A DRUNKEN argument between a woman and her partner has resulted in a man being treated for a stab wound and a woman appearing before Maryborough Magistrates Court.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to two counts of contravening a domestic violence order during her appearance on Monday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll said the offending involved two incidents, both of which involved a knife.

The court heard on March 9, the victim was awakened by the defendant, who was intoxicated, demanding to know where her alcohol was and accusing him of taking it.

The victim said the 49-year-old woman was holding a small steak knife during the incident, Sgt Stagoll said.

She left and he went back to bed.

There was another confrontation the next morning when she returned, still intoxicated, and demanded to know where her purse and cigarettes were.

She re-entered the room smoking a cigarette and with her phone in hand.

The victim used the phone to contact police.

The woman denied holding the knife but made admissions to police about her drunken behaviour.

 On April 3, police were again called to the home by a friend of the victim.

When they arrived they found the house in darkness.

The police knocked and the defendant opened the door.

The police noticed a large contusion on her face and a steak knife on the floor.

The woman told police she had accidentally injured herself and that she was home alone, but the victim was later located in the kitchen holding a tea towel around his arm.

He said he'd been stabbed by the defendant and he had a 4cm long wound to his arm.

The court heard she had also punched him in the head.

The woman denied she had stabbed the man when questioned by police, telling them he had been mowing and had run into barbed wire.

But the injury was found to be inconsistent with that story.

She then said the man had kicked her in the head, resulting in her injuries, but the man denied assaulting her "in any way".

The woman served seven days in custody before being released on bail after the second incident.

Defence lawyer Travis George said both parties were "grossly intoxicated" when the crimes were committed.

Mr George said his client told him she had stabbed the man after he attacked her.

"Her version has been one of self-defence," he said.

Mr George said he had noted significant injuries to the woman's face when he first saw her while she was in custody.

He said she no longer had contact with the victim.

The woman was sentenced to six months in prison, but was immediately released on parole.