Woman scares attacker by faking virus

A WOMAN has reportedly fought off a sex attacker after telling him she had recently returned from Wuhan and was suffering from symptoms of the coronavirus.

Local police from Pingba in the Guizhou Province of south west China shared details of the case on social media, saying the woman had pretended to have the virus after being attacked by the man, who allegedly crawled into her bedroom window at night.

The woman, named by police as Yimou Yi, was allegedly targeted by the man who snuck into her home on the night of January 31, at about 8pm. Police said he'd been roaming the streets after arguing with his family.


Police at the Pingba Police Station.
Police at the Pingba Police Station.


Police detained a man in connection with the alleged break in.
Police detained a man in connection with the alleged break in.

Xiaomou took off his coat and shoes before sneaking into the home, where Yimou was sleeping. When she woke, she spotted the man and called out for help. It's then alleged he grabbed her neck with his hand before pushing her down, attempting to "insult her".

The woman then began coughing, telling the attacker she'd recently been to Wuhan and had "symptoms" of coronavirus, and was in isolation. The comments about the deadly virus caused him to quickly flee. While he allegedly took 80 yuan (about $17) from a bedside table at the home, he dropped his bag and mobile phone as he ran.

The victim reported the attack to Pingba Police who began investigating. Police said in a post on social media they worked overnight to identify the attacker, and were hampered by the fact that he and other citizens had all been wearing face masks following the outbreak of the deadly virus.

Police said they were able to eventually identify the man, who later presented to police with his father.

The incident occurred in the Guizhou area more than a thousand kilometres south west of Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus.

Some restrictions have been placed on residents in the area, including the indefinite closing of some public and government buildings, including schools and libraries.

Similar measures have been announced in the provinces and cities of Heilongjiang, Shandong, Guizhou, Hebei and Hunan.