Woman uses golf club to smash ex-partner's car window

UNTIL this week, Chantelle Maree Graham had no criminal history.

But on Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to one charge of wilful damage without consent and was fined $500.

The court heard there had been a brief verbal argument between Graham and her former partner at a property in Dunn St, Maryborough, when the offence happened.

The court heard the 21-year-old walked to the side of the house, picked up a golf club, walked over to her former partner's vehicle and used the club to smash the rear window of the car.

Graham was single with two children and received a carer's allowance.

She had been a full time mum since she was in Year 11, the court was told.

The court also heard Graham arrived at the property and "effectively snapped" and she acknowledged it was something she shouldn't have done.

In addition to the fine, Graham was ordered to pay $198 in compensation for the rear window.