Women in Nathan Cleary TikTok hit with COVID fines


Police have fined five women who appeared in the now-infamous Nathan Cleary social media videos and photos.

"Police have issued PINs to five women after photos and videos were shared on social media allegedly showing a group not complying with social distancing earlier this week," police announced in a statement today.

Cleary was not fined by police.
Cleary was not fined by police.

Police this week began investigating the Anzac Day gathering at Cleary's home.

"Following further inquiries, police this afternoon issued (Penalty Infringement Notices) to five women - aged in their late teens to early 20s - for failing to comply with a Ministerial Direction."

Cleary was spoken to by police but spared one of the $1000 fines, instead getting a warning.

"A 22-year-old man, who was filmed in the videos, was spoken to by police. No offence relating to him has been detected; however, he was issued a warning regarding social distancing."

Police ruled that given the women showed up at Cleary's home, and the meeting was not prearranged, a warning was appropriate.

The Panthers halfback told The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday he regretted filming the two now-deleted TikTok videos inside his Penrith home.

Nathan Cleary outside his house in Sydney’s west. Picture: Jeremy Piper
Nathan Cleary outside his house in Sydney’s west. Picture: Jeremy Piper

He earlier told the NRL integrity unit he was unaware photographs had been taken of him during an uninvited, impromptu stop-in on Anzac Day last Saturday which landed him a $4000 NRL-imposed fine.

"I messed up, I spoke to the integrity unit about what happened but they didn't ask me about the TikTok videos, they just asked me about the pictures and I've already told them about that," Cleary said on Wednesday afternoon through the crack of his front door.

"I wish I hadn't done the video, just got carried away in the moment. I was stupid. I messed up."

"It's hard for everyone because it's something no one has had to go through before, but that's definitely no excuse for what's happened.

"I regret doing the video. If they fine me more I'll deal with that at the time. I'm just going to wait and see what happens when I speak to the integrity unit."

After The Daily Telegraph showed the NRL the two videos on Wednesday morning, the governing body said it would review the footage.

Cleary said he “regrets” filming the video. Picture: Craig Golding.
Cleary said he “regrets” filming the video. Picture: Craig Golding.