Women love brushing up on art skills at Aldershot

FOUR years ago, experienced local artist Sue Crickitt found a group of women who were interested in learning about painting as a hobby.

She started inexpensive, three-hour social painting mornings with 10-12 women at the Aldershot Community Hall and said it has turned into a delightful social and productive session.

"We have a basic beginners program in folk art and decorative painting as well as advice and encouragement for those with more experience," Sue said.

Those who complete the beginners' program will receive a graduation certificate.

"You don't need any paints or brushes initially as I'll provide all that's needed to get started for a small fee."

Shirley Robinson has been learning with Sue for four years and said the group kept her going physically and mentally.

"If it wasn't for the class I think I would be a total cot case," she said with a cheeky smile.

"I do a lot of travelling and I take plenty of photos, bring them back and see if we can paint them and that's fun."

If you don't like doing a project, you find something that you do like and that's what Larraine Bellert does.

"I try to do everything but there are some things I don't do so I just move on," she said.

"My parents and siblings paint and I thought I was missing out on something so I started learning about three years ago.

"I find it relaxing and it's great to meet up and chat with other people who do the same thing."

Local artist Sue Crickitt with Kathleen Stutley at a folk art class.
Local artist Sue Crickitt with Kathleen Stutley at a folk art class. Robyne Cuerel