Native Title Agreement - Butchulla Dancers. Photo: Cody Fox
Native Title Agreement - Butchulla Dancers. Photo: Cody Fox

Words not enough, time for action on Butchulla monument

WORDS are important, but they can only achieve so much.

Fortunately, they can lead to action.

Butchulla elder Glen Miller is a man on a mission.

He wants to see a monument built in Maryborough that will represent so much for him and his people.

It won't just be a memorial of past wrongs, but a celebration of survival.

It will capture a moment of history that was raw and horrific, which took so much from Mr Miller's ancestors.

But generations have lived on.

They have preserved their culture and allowed us all to celebrate it.

Politicians across the region, including Mayor George Seymour, Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders and Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien have indicated their support for the project.

As pleasing as that is, it's time to reach into the public purse and make this a reality.

It's important that we are absolutely honest about the history of this region.

No longer can we tell the story of the brave settler as though that is the only history that counts.

The truth is the Butchulla people paid a heavy price during settlement, in terms of lives and land lost.

A monument won't solve everything, but it's a place to start.