The Australia Post building in Nambour, where a man died on Thursday March 9.
The Australia Post building in Nambour, where a man died on Thursday March 9. Warren Lynam

Aus Post: Working around dead colleague 'proper process'

AUSTRALIA Post has advised "all proper processes were followed" when work continued around a dead colleague at its Burnside site last week.

In a statement sent to the Daily, a spokeswoman said the organisation was "very saddened by the tragic circumstances last Thursday".

"Australia Post is committed to the safety and well-being of our staff; continuing to support staff affected by last week's events, and ensuring this incident informs part of our regular safety review process," she said.

Questions were being asked after three people contacted the Daily saying staff had continued working around the body for "hours" until it was taken from the site.

One claimed a blanket had been thrown over the body with witches hats put around it while work continued.

The death of the 49-year-old man was not suspicious.

Australia Post said staff weren't forced to continue working, but confirmed the site "remained operational".

The Communications Workers Union said it would seek an explanation from Australia Post as to "whether process followed was appropriate".

CWU National Secretary Greg Rayner said the Union would also investigate whether workers were "forced to continue their work and if the facility should have ceased operations following the incident".

The Union has not responded to questions whether his investigation had concluded.

The Daily has contacted the man's family for comment, which they declined.