Is this the 'world's hottest granny'?
Is this the 'world's hottest granny'? Carrie Hilton - Instagram

Is this the ‘world’s hottest grandma’?

CARRIE Hilton has declared herself the 'world's hottest grandma' after her 17-year-old daughter give birth to her first grandchild earlier this year.

The 36-year-old mother-of-two from Bolton had admitted to spending a small fortune on cosmetic surgery to preserve her looks, including having breast implants and Botox.

Since Carrie's eldest daughter Clarice gave birth to a baby girl in January, Carrie has won herself a host of social media fans by uploading extremely risque photos of herself on Instagram and Facebook.

The media sales manager has a combined following of over 15,000 people since she began uploading the sexy snaps along with her other Kickboxing workouts.

Having been dubbed "Britain's most glamorous granny" following the birth of granddaughter Jess, Carrie told the Mail Online: "I'm the world's hottest granny, there is no competition here."

Inviting comparison between herself and 47-year-old Australian grandma Gina Stewart, Carrie said: "She looks good for her age, I admit, I'm doubtful that she's not had any work done, in terms of Botox and quite a few beauty treatments."

Fighting for the weighty title herself, single Carrie has previously had breast enlargement surgery as well as regular Botox top-ups.

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