Maryborough Courthouse.
Maryborough Courthouse.

Would-be hero neighbour threatened with arson

A MARYBOROUGH man who broke into his neighbour's home because he believed he was protecting her has been told he is not above the law.

Kevin Robert Moore gained access to elderly woman's house on November 29 by sticking his finger through the screen door and flicking up the latch.

He was spurred into action after hearing his neighbour's adult son shouting at her.

Moore, who owns a fencing company, pleaded guilty to breaking into the home and assaulting the man.

Police prosecutor sergeant Kathryn Stagoll said Moore became concerned when he heard how the man had been speaking to his mother.

Sgt Stagoll said the men started arguing when Moore intervened.

The court heard the neighbour's son then threatened to burn down Moore's home, which he had only recently bought.

"Moore later entered the home and punched the son in the head," Sgt Stagoll explained.

Police responded and found Moore intoxicated inside his home.

Defence lawyer Morgan Harris said his client became enraged when his property was threatened.

Mr Harris argued Moore had no related criminal history and believed fines were still within range.

"My client is remorseful and apologised to his neighbour. He offered to repair the door and voluntarily went to the watch house," he said.

Magistrate Terry Duroux said he understood Moore's actions and accepted alcohol had altered his decision-making process.

He said breaking into a home was a serious offence but stressed there were prior circumstances he needed to consider.

"I understand what you did but you can't take the law into your own hands. I can't condone these actions," Mr Duroux said.

He said Moore should have called the police.

Moore was fined $1000.

The conviction was recorded.