Year 9 students suspended over naked images

YEAR 9 girls and boys at a Gold Coast school have suspended after being involved in a schoolyard pornography ring.

More than 20 children have been suspended from Palm Beach Currumbin High School after circulating naked images of their fellow students, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

The students have been told to stay home for three to 20 days.

It comes after revelations last week that 70 Australian schools were targets of an adult website pornography ring featuring teenagers.

A student's father, who ­declined to be named, said he had received a letter saying his son had been suspended.

"I'm not happy about it because these pictures were only sent to my son - he has not forwarded them on," he said.

"It's mortifying to think this is going on and innocent kids are getting caught in the crossfire.

"This is going on right under our noses and there's probably a lot more to it than we know about.

"These pictures will very easily go up online of naked 14-year-old girls - our daughters.

"It's just disgraceful."

The suspended students are expected to redo a cyber safety course after their return.

There are more than 3000 students at PBC.