Dan Mulheron with her daughter, Emme.
Dan Mulheron with her daughter, Emme.

You'll never guess what made MKR winner cry on Father's Day

BEAUTIFUL words from his wife Steph reduced Dan Mulheron to tears on Father's Day.

The My Kitchen Rules winners had friends over at the time, but that didn't stop the tears from flowing, Dan said with a laugh.

"It was very special," he said.

"It's the most emotional day for me."

Dan and Steph faced a long fertility battle to conceive their daughter.

The two had several unsuccessful rounds of IVF before they decided to give MKR a go.

After being named winners of the show, and receiving the $250,000 prize, the couple had enough money to open their own business, travel and try again for the baby they so wanted.

Emme was born in April last year.

Dan said Emme had made him a present at daycare, a photo frame with "nuts and bolts" glued on.

He said he received "regular dad presents" as well, including socks, undies and singlets.

And he got an iPhone cover with a photo of Emme on it from Steph.

Dan said he was enjoying every day with his beautiful daughter.

"She's at a good age now, she's very interactive," he said.

"She loves to talk and loves all the animals outside."

Steph also shared a loving tribute on Facebook.

"There's just too many to express for your love, kindness and dedication to your family," Steph wrote.

"You're simply amazing and we love you so much."