FOR most parents, the sight of their little boy standing comes early in life.  

However, for Donna and Cameron Harris it has taken seven years for them to experience that joy for their son, Aedan.

The young fighter has suffered from severe cerebral palsy his entire life and now thanks to the help of a new wheelchair he will soon be able to stand.  

On Tuesday Aedan trialled a wheelchair which will help him move to a standing and sitting position, a wheelchair is parents have been fundraising for.  

The trial gave the young family an appreciation for the smaller things.  

"When we had it in a standing position he found out he could rock," mum Donna said.  

Through hard work and the help of the community the Harris' have raised about $12,000 for the chair which uses battery powered hydraulics to move Aedan from a standing to sitting position.  

In total the chair will cost about $16,000.  

It will take a few months for a chair to be tailored to Aedan's size.