ECO WARRIOR: Nadia Hadid is campaigning for single-use plastics to be banned at all Australian restaurants.
ECO WARRIOR: Nadia Hadid is campaigning for single-use plastics to be banned at all Australian restaurants. John McCutcheon

Young eco-warrior starting local to make a lasting change

A COOLUM Beach eco-warrior is proving you're never too young to make a change in her fierce campaign to ban single-use plastics in Australian restaurants.

Nadia Hadid has created a petition to spread awareness about plastic pollution and encourage people to take action and protect the environment.

The 12-year-old has already surpassed her original goal of 200 signatures, now hoping for 500 people to sign the petition.

An activist from a young age, Nadia's passion for the environment grew from seeing how much excess plastic and waste people produce without even realising.

"I really want to spread awareness about it because it really is harming our environment and our marine life," she said.

"I don't think people know how much of a negative impact they're having."

A plastic bag drifts in the clear blue ocean as a result of human pollution. Perfect for ocean conservation theme. (This bag was collected and taken out of the ocean)
Nadia Hadid is starting with local businesses in her mission to ban single-use plastics in Australian restaurants. lindsay_imagery

Surrounded by like-minded young go-getters, Nadia has all the support she needs to make a lasting impact, starting on the Sunshine Coast.

In creating the petition, Nadia hoped to start by encouraging local restaurants to reduce single-use plastics.

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To pave the way for businesses to reduce their plastic use, Nadia's starting with her dad's Coolum Beach restaurant, My Place.

"If his restaurant can go completely free of single-use plastics then I'll be able to take that and go other restaurants," she said.

"Hopefully the more that join me on this journey it will influence others do that as well."

Her end goal is to no longer have single-use plastics in Australian restaurants, well as starting local, she's campaigning to the State Government to get the ball rolling.

"I am willing to do as much as I can to save the planet we call home," she said.

"I hope this inspires you to take action in your local community."

For more information and to sign Nadia's petition, click here.