Ruth, Hugh, Alice, Glen and Walter Muller are set to travel to Africa and throughout Europe for the next 12 months.
Ruth, Hugh, Alice, Glen and Walter Muller are set to travel to Africa and throughout Europe for the next 12 months. Jodie Callcott

Young family sells everything to travel overseas

ALL the Muller family's worldly possessions now fit into two suitcases and a few backpacks and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Ruth and Glen Muller made the life changing decision to sell their home and take their children on an overseas adventure.

Life for the Hervey Bay family looked a lot different two years ago.

They lived in a massive four-bedroom house with a pool in Brisbane and their three children - Alice, 6, Walter, 4, and Hugh, 3 - who had an abundance of toys to choose from.

But after Glen - who was a fly-in-fly-out mechanic - recognised his mental health and family were suffering, the pair decided to walk away from that lifestyle.

In less than two weeks the Muller's will land in Nairobi which will mark the start of a 12-month adventure where they will see parts of Africa and almost all of Europe.

Like thousands of other families across the country, and world, Ruth and Glen are bucking the trend to "have it all", instead choosing to create memories.

"Glen's been working the FIFO life for six and a bit years now, so pretty much the past six years has been a challenge," Ruth said.

"We spend at least two thirds of every year apart and FIFO life did work for us and allowed us to do what we needed, but we got to a point where we were just done."

This time 12 months ago Ruth said they sold their house in Brisbane and moved to Hervey Bay to live with Glen's parents.

"We went from this huge house to living out of two bedrooms," she said.

"The kids are sharing a room and the boys are top and tail in a bunk bed.

"We're going to get a motor home once we get to Europe, so we're preparing them for living in close quarters with not much stuff.

"This year it has been about saving and preparing and all the immunisations we need."

Ruth and Glen's philosophy was simple - to create memories and live in the moment.

"You don't want to be worried about the next year and miss the year you're in," Glen said.

"If we spend everything we own, I'm not going to say it doesn't matter, but we can come home, and we can start again.

"We have return tickets, we have a contingency plan in place if something was to go wrong.

"Without being too blase about it, you need to enjoy your year and worry about the next one when you get back.

"I find it riskier driving a normal car around 400-ton trucks at work than what we're doing now."

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