THERE were plenty of delicious baked goods at the regional CWA meeting at the Hervey Bay community centre on Wednesday.

Women from across the central region have travelled to Hervey Bay this week for the event.

"Our first day yesterday was our training day, so we presented the ladies with all different sections from president, secretary, treasurer, international officer and all the rolls and all the things they need to know," state vice president Joy Coulson said.

She said the women had been enjoying sunny Hervey Bay.

"It's lovely, we just haven't had enough time to get out, but I believe a lot of the ladies are staying on at the end of tomorrow," Joy said.

The CWA women would welcome any new members interested in joining and they have a young leaders group in Maryborough.

"They are coming this afternoon to speak to ladies about what they are looking forward to for the future of young leaders and where they want to see us going," she said.

"The ladies are very excited to have the young leaders coming in to speak to them.

"We need young people to keep us motivated, well I do anyway."

The meeting will finish on Friday afternoon.