There are questions the Government should be answering about Paradise Dam.
There are questions the Government should be answering about Paradise Dam.

Your right to know: Why Paradise Dam shouldn’t be a secret


FROM time to time there are pieces of journalism that have the power to create change.

Chris Burns wrote such a piece for Monday's NewsMail and the national launch of the Your Right to Know campaign, which this news organisation is a part of.

Chris pieced together an overview about the current Paradise Dam debacle.

It clearly painted the picture of where we are at and posed the question: Why will the government not tell us what the problem is that's caused such drastic action?

I challenge the minister Dr Anthony Lynham and Sunwater to explain why this is being kept secret.

If there is a compelling reason to keep it safeguarded then I don't think Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey would be calling for it to be shared with the community.

I don't think the LNP, whose members have also had briefings on the situation, would also be calling for a parliamentary inquiry and its public release.

No-one is saying this is not a hard position for the government. They have done the right thing in putting people's safety first.

And yes, releasing the information may not paint the government in a good light, but is that a reason not to share on an issue that impacts so hugely our community and its future in such a huge way.

Has transparency gone.

This government has refused to support our region with a Hinkler Deal, playing political obstructionism on this.

But unless the government can logically explain why the information shouldn't be shared, then this is on an even worse scale and doing damage on a huge scale to our region.